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Visualisation of the digestive system of an amberjack

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Ioannis Papadakis

The amberjack Seriola sp. is a marine pelagic fish  with great commercial value. This study aimed to visualise the development of the digestive system of the amberjack Seriola sp. 


Micro-CT was performed to a Seriola sp. juvenile in order to explore  the development of  the digestive system. This specimen was stained with 0.3% PTA dissolved in 70% ethanol. Scan was performed with a Skyscan 1172 at the highest camera resolution.  Specimen was provided by Ioannis Papadakis (HCMR) and scanned by Niki Keklikoglou.

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Histological examination was performed in order to study the development of the digestive system of Seriola sp. Sections were stained with Methylene Blue /Azure II /Basic Fuchsin.

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