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Visualisation of Dexamine spinosa (Amphipoda)

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Wanda Plaiti

Amphipoda is a high diverse group of crustaceans which can be found in all marine habitats. Their taxonomy is mostly based in external characteristics such as antennas, mouth parts, gnathopods,body shape etc.  In this project, the micro-CT and the optical microscopy techniques have been used for the visualisation of taxonomic characteristics of the Dexamine spinosa (Montagu, 1813).


Micro-CT was performed to an amphipod in order to visualise the exterior and interio characteristics of the specimen. This specimen was stained with 1% iodine and scanned with a Skyscan 1172 at a voltage of 59kV and 167μΑ without filter for a half rotation of 180o . Specimen was provided and scanned by Niki Keklikoglou.

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Optical microscopy

An optical stereoscope (Zeiss Discovery .V12) was used in order to visualise the exterior morphology of  the Dexamine spinosa.  Furthermore, optical microscopy was used in order to visualise taxonomic characteristics of the specimen such as the antennas, the telson and the pleopod of the specimen. 

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